Global Hardwood and Supplies Laminate floors are designed to look feel and even sound like real hardwood flooring without the hardwood flooring price tag, and many laminate products also last longer and wear better than the real thing. The wide range of laminate flooring materials on the market can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never installed laminate flooring. The more you know about the material you choose, the more likely you are to get a good quality product. Laminate floors are graded for quality on a scale: better and best. AC3: Heavy residential traffic/suitable for all areas of the home; moderate commercial traffic/suitable for hotel rooms and small offices.

AC4: General commercial traffic/suitable for offices, boutiques and cafes. Laminate products with higher grades are likely to be more expensive. You get what you pay for. Higher quality laminate floors have patterns with enough variety that they look natural.

Global Hardwood and Supplies has surged laminate flooring with commercial warranties for both residential and commercial flooring. Ultimately Global Hardwood and Supplies has available the highest quality of laminate flooring that is water resistant. They have hot wax applied to both tongue and grove that completely seals the flooring. Each and every plank and panel of a Global Hardwood and Supplies flooring is constructed and sealed individually. All that combined with low formaldehyde levels that fully comply with the tough California Carb Compliance results in a laminate floor of a revolutionary standard of quality. To select new flooring that will serve you and your family well for years to come, don’t be afraid to stop by at Global Hardwood and look closely and ask questions. We have two showrooms in our Los Angeles location and two warehouses, another showroom in the Thousand Oaks location.