Glues, Adhesives, Underlay and Molding

Underlayment is a vital addition to your laminate floor installation and serves many functions.

Our underlayment is the highest quality foam in the market.

Glues and Adhesives

Cork and Underlayment

At Global Hardwood and Supplies our underlayment is the highest quality foam in the market. We run all of the underlayment in stock. From the Silver Foam, Rubber Sound Solution, Eva Foam, 3mm thickness. Underlayment is a vital addition to your laminate floor installation and serves many functions. Underlayment adds a level of comfort to laminate floors, provides soundproofing qualities, helps to protect the flooring from moisture, and helps to even out minor imperfections of the subfloor to ensure that your laminate flooring is installed on a perfectly level surface. Underlayment guards your laminate floor against moisture. Global Hardwood and Supplies recommends that when installing the underlayment for a floating floor is one of the most important processes of the floor installation. The underlayment cushions the floor, thus preventing bends and cracks, and it also protects against moisture. These two functions are combined in plastic-coated foam underlayment. For the warranties on your underlayment and flooring to be valid, the subfloor must be level within specified limits.

Cork has visual appeal created by its distinctive random grain. The natural grains of the cork mean no two tiles or planks look alike. Here at Global Hardwood and Supplies we have the best Cork in market acoustic highest quality or underlayment. For safety reasons we don’t work with Chinese cork, we value our material and customer service is very critical. Acoustic cork same as Chinese material when compared the quality beets it by the highest.

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