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Vinyl Flooring Agoura Hills

Vinyl Flooring Agoura Hills

Vinyl Flooring in Agoura Hills

One of the most significant decisions when it comes to decorating your home is the shop of the flooring you are going to install. There are a variety of materials and textures on the market to purchase, making the choice a challenge.

In recent years, advances in the industry have allowed for the resurgence of one material in particular: vinyl. The new surface alternatives of this material are incredibly superior to the old, worn vinyl floors of yesteryear. If you had not considered this option, you should know its main characteristics, and know where you can get the leading vinyl flooring an Agoura Hills.

To Vinyl or Not to Vinyl: How to Decide?

Key Features

These surfaces are manufactured from synthetic material, specifically polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC). They come in a variety of designs that simulate wood, granite, stone, and ceramic. It is a durable, versatile flooring and is highly resistant to traffic and moisture.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

  • Tiles: These tiles come in different sizes, ranging from 9 to 12 square inches. They simulate the look of regular ceramic tiles, and their effect in simulating wood is not as good. However, they are easy to replace in case you need to do a flooring repair. They are also the most affordable option.
  • Sheets: vinyl sheets can be found from 6 to 12 feet wide. They are very easy to install and provide an excellent finish for home spaces. Because of the size of the sheets, it is easy to confuse the higher quality ones for real wood or stone.
  • Luxury Vinyl: Stone Plastic Composite or SPC is similar to the above, but with superior characteristics. It is an engineered floor that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable surface. This option maintains the same durability characteristics as the others but offers a plus in terms of resistance and decoration. Top flooring companies such as Global Hardwood Flooring are sure to offer this option for purchase.


You can choose three different types of finishes, according to your taste and needs:

  1. No-wax finish: this is the most economical of the alternatives. It is ideal for areas with little traffic, it is very light and durable.
  2. Urethane finish: it is more durable. It can withstand moderate traffic and is very easy to clean. It is more resistant to scratches and scuffing.
  3. Enhanced urethane finish: is the toughest alternative, ideal for high traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even the garage. It is very scratch resistant and with proper maintenance will last for years.


When comparing the different flooring installation options considering the materials, vinyl flooring is the most economical option. Per square foot of installed surface, you can expect to pay between $2-$12 (a real bargain). Even if you want to go the extra mile with luxury vinyl, you won't spend more than $15 per square foot, including the material and the professional flooring installer.

Shop the Greatest Vinyl Flooring in Agoura Hills

If you want to enjoy this incredible option for your floors, you're in the right place. Global Hardwood Flooring is the leading company in providing top-notch vinyl flooring replacement, installation, and maintenance. We are ready to bring you the best prices, installed with the highest industry standards. Contact us for the highest quality hardwood flooring in LA and Thousand Oaks.

Vinyl Flooring Agoura Hills
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Vinyl Flooring Agoura Hills