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Kitchen Cabinets White

Kitchen Cabinets White

For many families, the kitchen is the most frequently used room. An ideal kitchen should be spacious, functional, and aesthetic because it is an activity center. Pay keen attention to your kitchen cabinets when remodeling your house. They are the most imposing furniture pieces in your kitchen than countertops and fitted appliances. Selecting suitable kitchen cabinets increases the chances of your envisioned dream kitchen coming to life.

Our specialty is kitchen cabinets. All our kitchen cabinets for sale have outstanding qualities in all styles, materials, and grades. They feature:

Solid construction

Our kitchen cabinets have full plywood sides. We do not use particleboard because we dislike its vulnerability to moisture, difficulty in repair, and inability to support heavy countertops. We also have oak kitchen cabinets for discerning homeowners with more traditional tastes.

Full-Height Back Panels

Our cabinets have thick full-height panels to secure your cabinets in place effortlessly and confidently. The strength of this panel allows solid attachment to studs without requiring additional reinforcement, and the integrity is reliable even when you need to make cuts for wiring or plumbing.

Soft-Close Hinges

Soft-close hinges are classy, reliable, and durable. Our high-end kitchen cupboards for sale have this mechanism and are adjustable in many different ways to expand and contract when seasons change. We conceal the hinges for a cleaner look. They can withstand repeated use and meet or exceed all institute standards.

Hardwood Drawer Boxes

To prevent bowing or bending of the drawers, we rely on dovetail designs for assembly. As drawer boxes are susceptible to damage or misuse, we ensure our cabinets use hardwood for durability. This material also lends strength to our collaborative design.

You either get fully assembled or ready-to-assemble cabinets when you buy kitchen cabinets from us. Assembled cupboards are more robust and durable as the industrial assembly is resilient and more reliable. We ship these as a unit, ready for installation. Our ready-to-assemble cabinets ship in parts, are cheaper and require more labor to assemble. They are notably weaker in comparison.

Why Choose Our Kitchen Cabinets?

Besides their quality, our kitchen cabinet designs are some of the most compelling in the market. We have a creative in-house design team that creates designs for all d├ęcor styles. We accept custom designs, so if you have something unique in mind, we can bring it to life for you. We will include all the features you require and work within your budget. Schedule delivery at your convenience, and we will install them for you or connect you to a professional installer in our circle if you are outside our service area.

We try to maintain a turnaround time of up to six weeks. When you have your designs ready and have chosen your preferred material, we can start construction sooner and deliver faster.

We are happy to send a representative for an in-home consultation as part of our service delivery. Their experience will give you new insights into what cabinet designs will work best for your space. We also cater to commercial clients.

Transform the look of your home with cabinets from Wholesale Kitchens. Please visit our website to order.

Kitchen Cabinets White
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Kitchen Cabinets White
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Kitchen Cabinets White