flooring store Westlake Village

flooring store Westlake Village

Within the options of real wood floors, no other type provokes a more intense emotional response than the engineered wood floor. With unrivaled beauty, comfort and warmth, they will allow you to create an original and exquisite environment. It is an excellent combination that mixes good taste with an immortal classic.

These floors are manufactured by the permanent union of blocks of solid wood, in a cross-linked structural arrangement. A wooden tablet to install is composed of between 3 to 5 layers. The floors of structured timber are of high durability and resistance, in addition to being 100% natural. If you have decided to install this type of coating, it is essential that you know some details of this technology, so that you can make an informed decision.

Characteristics and Advantages of Engineering Wood Floors

  • It is the laminate floor that offers higher resistance and durability.
  • It has greater impact performance, avoiding the risk of fractures and surface damage.
  • The pieces fit perfectly together, even on all four This reduces the risk of deformations between them.
  • Its high technology allows them to last between 20 and 25 years.
  • They are great for high structural stability.
  • The final finish is a protective layer that provides high gloss and protects the blocks from moisture.

Where Can You Install Structured Wood Floors?

This type of coating is excellent for decorating interior spaces, and any other area that is not exposed to direct humidity (like bathrooms, kitchen, or terrace). Due to its characteristics, different types can be chosen for different environments of the house, giving each space its personality.

These wooden plates can be installed on any surface (tiles, concrete, vinyl, wood) as long as the surface is clean and flat. The structured timber provided by Global Hardwoods, the best flooring store near Westlake Village, can be glued directly, which facilitates installation and reduces costs.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Engineered Wood Floor

  • Light or dark colors: Light wood combinations are more straightforward to combine since it fits with almost all types of furniture, walls, curtains, and doors. If you decide to place dark wood, your furniture and decoration should tend towards cold colors. You can also opt for reddish tones, and in that case, the furniture must be white or very clear
  • The orientation of the room: It is essential to consider if the sun will reflect on the floor at some time. According to that, you can consequently vary the color tones.
  • Traffic: For highly trafficked spaces, prefer harder wood combinations, to ensure the durability and performance. If instead the area is little traveled (like a room), you can opt for softer woods, which will give you more comfort and pleasure when walking.

We Have the Best Structured Wood Selection for Your Project

We are the best flooring store near Westlake Village, and we have for you more than more than 15 high-quality selections for the coating of your floors. Our exquisite collections DuChateau, Oasis Carmel, and Provenza will give your spaces a unique and unrepeatable turn.

Global Hardwoods ensures that our warehouses maintain a consistent stock, in case you want to replenish or expand your project, giving your home a uniform finish. Visit us; we are only 5 minutes passing the Westlake Golf Course, we assure you that you will not regret it.

flooring store Westlake Village
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flooring store Westlake Village
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flooring store Westlake Village