flooring store Los Angeles

flooring store Los Angeles

Home remodeling allows people living there to improve their experience by having a more pleasant environment that enhances their quality of life. Also, these types of projects help to increase the value of the property. One that gives a spectacular turn to the environments is the wooden floor. Many times you stop to carry out this kind of renewal for two main factors: time and money.

In this sense, the floating or laminated floors can become the great allies that save the day. This technology allows you to renew your environments, with a much lower investment than installing a natural wood floor. They also have the advantage that does not require removing the previous surface, which makes them much more convenient. It is essential that you know the main characteristics of this type of coating so that you can consider it as an option in your renovation plans.

Floating Floors

The main characteristic of these coatings is that they rest on a plastic mantle (polystyrene) that is placed between the previous floor and them. The fact that they are not attached to the original level but "floating" on the plastic coating gives them its name. Its manufacture does not differ much from engineering floors and consists of 4 layers:

  1. Overlay: It is the top layer, which is durable and resistant. It is the layer that gives the final finish to the floor.
  2. Design: It presents the wood layout. The most economical options present imitation designs. The highest quality options contain a thin wood laminate.
  3. Substrate: Constitutes the body of the coating and is usually made of a sheet of agglomerate type HDF or MDF, with anti-fungal and anti-moisture
  4. Stabilizer: It is the layer that goes below, which gives balance to the structure.

Advantages of Floating Floors

  • They are easier and faster to install than other wooden floors. It is an ideal option for DIY enthusiasts.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of these floors are the simplest within the range of wood floors.
  • Board joints can expand and contract as if they were a single plank, which prevents damage to the floor.
  • They can be installed on the previous surface, as long as it is level and tight.
  • The plastic layer allows good noise and thermal insolation.
  • They can be used immediately after placement.
  • Because of their composition, they are entirely
  • They do not require any treatment such as plasticizing or polishing.
  • They are very resistant to weather changes, high traffic, and sunlight, without fading.

Get your floating Floor in the best Flooring Store in Los Angeles

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flooring store Los Angeles
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flooring store Los Angeles
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flooring store Los Angeles