1. First things first; measure room to know how much square foot you are looking for.
  2. Check for squeaky floors.
  3. General: Always read companies own instructions and directions.
  4. When it comes to Solid wood flooring, Un-finished wood flooring, and Pre-finished wood flooring always recommended acclimating the wood 3-10 days depending on the location of the house.
  5. It’s always a great idea to check the moisture content of subfloor and the amount of humidity on wood. It is ideal to install the wood flooring with the same moisture level as the subfloor.
  6. When installing on top of cement make sure that the landscape is same as the house.
  7. Always a great idea to arise space from the wall and leave a gap from the wall to the floor.
  8. For laminate flooring always good idea to not leave a pattern. Avoid repeating the pattern so that the outcome will look natural.
  9. For engineered flooring, Global Hardwood recommends making sure at the end of the day clean all glue on top of the surface with a recommended cleaner. Global Hardwood recommends AR2000.